iMRS2000 Pulsed Magnetic mat beats all competition including Bemer, MAS, Medithera and Quantron

The iMRS ‘Welfit’ Pulsed Magnetic Field System comes with a computer controller, 6’ whole body mat, 2’ local application pad and international power adaptors. The iMRS also offers accessories including an applicator probe for acute conditions, higher intensities, car adaptor, travel bag, iSLRS light and sound relaxation system, iMORE heart regulation monitor and iGUIDE with 3500 pre-programmed protocols, plus DVDs.

The iMRS produces a pure electromagnetic field through 6 graduated loops of copper wire (NASA Technology), which is vastly superior to the wire mesh used in the competitors’ pulsed electro-magnetic systems.

MRS2000 mat and iSLRS balances the body and the brain

The iMRS is the only device with a Bio-rhythm Clock that uses Earth-based frequencies exclusively.

The iMRS is the only PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) whole body mat that offers a very low ‘sensitive’ setting for people with electrical or chemical sensitivities, or who are physically fragile.
It’s range is from .05 to 28 hertz freqency, which is exactly resonant with the earth’s own frequency.

Only the iMRS uses a square wave on the applicators (both pad and probe). While the whole body mat utilizes the sawtooth (scalar) wave for optimizing and recharging the cells with a full spectrum of earth frequencies, the square wave (in the 2’ pad and probe) is used locally for pain relief, cellular reclamation and regeneration.

The iMRS has many more positive feedback cases, scientific case studies and testimonials than any other PEMF system due to it’s effectiveness, longevity (20 years) and global reach.

The iMRS System is the ONLY whole body mat to be APPROVED by Health Canada (for aches, pain and circulation)

PEMF Devices Using High Voltage (an important health concern)

High voltage PEMF ( Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field ) devices have been outlawed by the FDA since 2005. Watch out for PEMF 4000, PER 2000 (Pulsed Energy Technologies) and MG 33/MG Pro/Magnacharger.
They are very expensive, ranging from $10,000 to $30,000, and they use very high intensity coils which shoot “bursts” of pulsed magnetic fields for just microseconds, which are damaging to the human body. like sitting next to a high voltage power line. Potentially very dangerous.